A Blissful Beauty Experience Awaits

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'Feel Like Home' Ambience

Pavilion is a beauty salon founded by dr. Parama Putri Perdana in 2015 (with a mission) to enhance the way women take care of their beauty and wellbeing. Pavilion focuses on providing essential beauty services in an elegant and convenient environment that gives ‘feel like home’ ambience and unforgettable experience for each of you.

Elegance & Feminity

The unique beauty salon design is inspired by traditional French values of elegance and femininity combined with personal touch that create an unforgettable experience for customers.



Beauty & Wellness Treatment

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"Our team of highly qualified beauticians, hair & make-up artists are passionate and dedicated to enhancing your beauty experience through selected products and services."

— dr. Parama Putri Perdana

Before You Visit Us


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Head To Toe

Pavilion Beauty Salon offers a wide range of beauty and wellness treatments as well as specialist aesthetic procedures to pamper you from head to toe.